Vol 2 Issue 12 December 2013
Kumaon Vani is a community radio station set up by TERI in Mukteshwar in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. At its inception, the vision was to promote sustainable agriculture through community radio broadcasting, but with the time....Read more
Chak de Chotu is a community radio programme to helping child labours to have a better life, helping them to go to school, express themselves on radio and also have some help to support. This weekend programme is an initiative....Read more
Radio Benziger is a community radio engaged in the effort to empower people belonging to the marginalized segments mainly in the coastal villages of Kollam in order to continuously develop the quality of life in all its aspects. Read more
Jan Vani is a community radio spread throughout Tarai region of foothills of Himalayas. They are farmers, village youth, farm women and students who are prolifically using the services. Pantnagar Janvani is running its service at 90.8 MHz covering...Read more
This project creates a profitable partnership between investors and farmer groups, by setting up joint agro-processing enterprises, based on solid feasibility studies and business plans. The value-addition created is used to....Read more
CropIn is addressing the agriculture industry need by bridging the information asymmetry in the Agri sector through innovative web and mobile technology. Product addresses the problems of Corporates in helping them....Read more
A web based platform to encourage people to plant trees at least on their birthday. Birthday Forest intends to encourage everyone to plant trees at least on their birthday. Thus it provides a platform for tree plantation....Read more
An ICT enabled platform for demand-driven technology, information and advisory service for farmers, extensionists, researchers, students and other stakeholders of the agriculture front. It is the....Read more
This is a project for improvement of socio-economic conditions and poverty alleviation of the country. It provides financial services to the marginal poor people specially woman through our solution....Read more
India Mart Developed buy leads service to the doorsteps of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which allows suppliers to access buying requirements, evaluate them and then decide to purchase....Read more
Artoo uses technology to speed up loan disbursement by MFIs and improve field staff productivity. It empowers social enterprises to capture, analyze and process information remotely through smartphones....Read more
'Monuments in Delhi' is a travel portal which focuses exclusively on Monuments in Delhi region. 'Monuments in Delhi' aims to revive the cultural heritage of the city of Delhi and highlight all the present monuments in Delhi area. The Web....Read more
www.maharashtratourism.gov.in is e-commerce portal of Maharashtra Tourism Department for opening the avenue of tourism at various locations in Maharashtra to the general public – in India and Abroad. The portal not only shows a snap shot of.....Read more
Hela Jana Gee is a portal to give an opportunity to the present generation to familiarize with folk songs which are fading away from Sri Lanka and other countries. It has assembled the voice tracks and uploaded them on You Tube....Read more
Thrillophilia provides online one stop solution for tours, experiences and adventure in Indian subcontinent. It is a one stop destination of activity travel in India be it activity getaways, weekend trips, long treks expeditions, rafting tours or wildlife....Read more
It is a portal to disseminate knowledge in the various branches of Sri Lanka Archaeology. The website creates a discussion about Sri Lanka archaeology by providing publicity for Sri Lanka archaeology information in national and international level. It also create database ..Read more
SkillTrain is a technology-enabled blended vocational training social enterprise that offers online and mobile based training programmes to cater to prospective vocational skill learners anywhere in India. It offers audio, video...Read more
It is a digital curriculum to address lack of science and computer labs. iMobile addresses the lack of science and computer labs through an integrated digital curriculum to be used alongside hands-on science lessons.....Read more
Let Me Know is India based web portal for youth opportunities. It has received over 550,000 unique visitors from more than 150 Indian cities since its inception in 2007. It is a time-efficient portal for companie...Read more
Touchable Earth is a mobile app for kids. Kids learn key facts and develop an insight into life around the world by visiting families, schools, seeing the games kids play, and being introduced to other cultures..Read more
It uses online platform to identify emerging athletes and raising funds for them with Olympic medal winning potential. The campaign created a 1,100,000+ strong community of sports enthusiasts, increased Olympic Gold ..Read more
Zenga TV provides a seamless Live TV and video experience to consumers across mobile and web. It aims to be a leading global player in digital content enablement and distribution. It provides free access to live TV....Read more
UNNATHI – Nirupedala samagrabhivrudhi aims at improving the economic status of the down trodden communities especially SC & ST over a period of 3 years with ICT. The objective of this strategy has been...Read more
Government of J&K started an initiative called JK Pulse to monitor ongoing projects using mobile technologies on open platforms. With the application, inspecting officer can click photographs of the location....Read more
This project monitors the time bound delivery of government services as per provisioning of "The Delhi Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services Act 2011". Government of NCT of Delhi...Read more
Himbhoomi - The computerisation of Land Records in Himachal Pradesh started as replica of existing Record of Rights (RoR), it got integrated with the registration process and thereafter, a number. ...Read more
It is e-Governance system for mineral administration and governance. The innovative role of weigh bridge owner is covered to complete mineral transportation cycle. It has Hand Held Terminal (HHT)....Read more
It is a web based application which aims at affordable and reliable care locally to individuals suffering from thalassemia. Thalcare manages vast amount of medical information and lab reports Has....Read more
Mobile Tele-Ophthalmology Units encompasses access to specialist eye care for remote patients, ophthalmic disease screening, monitoring, diagnosing and management, sharing of medical resources.... Read more
Health Management Information System "HMIS" is combination of Information Technology (IT) and Management Systems, to deliver evidence based health care to the public at large. Health Management Information System....Read more
TDIL Programme initiated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) is an apex body for the development and maintenance of standardization of Indian languages to achieve communication....Read more
The Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign is targeted at sensitizing 1 million school children of Mumbai, in classes 2nd through to 6th on Safe /Unsafe Touch and Personal Safety rules using a unique story....Read more
It is an accessibility portal for persons with disabilities in Odisha with online filing of case. This website can be viewed from a variety of devices such as Desktop / Laptop computers, web-enabled mobile devices...Read more
Halabol is an online medium that gives issues, causes and their supporters, an online and offline platform, to amplify their voice. The web portal reaches out to relevant and large audiences across the country.....Read more
It is a news portal which provides news & information of Koppal District in Kannada Language. Kannadanet.com is first of its kind in North Karnataka where Internet usage and awareness is low. To increase internet awareness ....Read more
Youth Ki Awaaz, which literally translates to 'voice of the youth' in English, is online platform for young people to express themselves on issues of importance. It mobilizes and engages young people in participator..Read more
The e – safeT, is an innovative solution design & developed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Noida. e – safeT provides complete end to end infrastructure for monitoring lifesaving perishable items like blood and medicines...Read more
ONAMA is an innovation solution which is integrated software & hardware solution for future open science researchers, providing them a platform for a Quantum leap to gain an in-depth understanding of supercomputing....Read more
ICT for Adolescent Girls (EITA) is creating community-based ICT and learning centres for girls in Bangladesh to remove gender digital divide. It creates opportunities for girls, develop skills and reduce barriers by creating non-formal communit...Read more
'People's Movement to Help Drought Affected' links urban donors and drought affected villagers directly for long-term social impact with transparency, accountability using social media. Helps drought affected people by donating water tanks....Read more
CHINH in a Sanskrit word meaning "the symbol". Chinh represents phoenix like strength, amazing culture, unassuming life skills and humane traditions of India – an initiative to reposition local in global. Chinh supports social initiatives....Read more
Youth Ki Awaaz, an online and mobile platform is a citizen media initiative for young people to express themselves. The portal is striving to transform the media landscape through opinions contributed by the youth...Read more
Vidya Poshak is a non-profit organization serving education community. Vidya Poshak started by supporting students financially, but grown to offer programs like: Nurture Merit, Graduate Finishing School, Centre for Development...Read more
Human Welfare Association works with underserved, disadvantaged and minority communities of Varanasi through education, literacy and livelihood by mobilising them through word of mouth, social networking, mobile SMS and by holding group meetings.1000 women participated....Read more
The El Shaddai Charitable Trust helps in Child Rights for orphans, street children and children coming from economically desperate conditions. El Shaddai also provides homes and shelters for abandoned, street children....Read more
Vidya Poshak is a non-profit organization serving education community. Vidya Poshak started by supporting students financially, but grown to offer programs like: Nurture Merit, Graduate Finishing School, Centre for Development of Soft Skill...Read more
Safa is a non-profit social venture working for socio economic empowerment of minority women through livelihood and education. Safa provides livelihood trainings such as tailoring and embroidery....Read more
Bhumi is youth volunteer non-profit organisation that bridges societal gap by providing quality education to the under-privileged children. Bhumi works with children in orphanages, slum and village community....Read more
Digital Broadcast Initiative of Equal Access in Nepal is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in community empowerment through radio broadcasting and narrow casting. Community listening of radio....Read more
Indian Centre for Development and Rights is a campaign organization focusing on long term projects and awareness in the areas of education, health, empowerment, environmental protection, human rights....Read more
Akshara is working towards ending violence against women. Akshara has presence through social media platform called Harassmap-Mumbai and also an online petition that it has undertaken in collaboration with Change.org.....Read more
GRAAM (Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement) is a public policy research and advocacy initiative that is working towards policy change based on empirical evidence and research carried out with grassroots perspectives....Read more
North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER) is a nonprofit public interest research and educational organisation based in Imphal, Manipur. They educate and create awareness about the changing environment...Read more
EarthCare Designs provides socio-cultural and technologically innovative space that designs products and systems that empower communities and protects environment. These designs conserve energy resources and ensure healthy livelihoods...Read more
Based in Afghanistan, Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD) aims to contribute in rehabilitation, advancement and development efforts through evidence-based best practices, and implementing community development projects..Read more
ICT is driving national development efforts worldwide and a number of countries in both the developed and developing world are exploring ways offacilitating their development process through ICTs within their economiesand societies...Read more
The explosive potential of digital world lies in the fact that any form of information-be it data, voice or video-can be converted into series of 0's and1's which can be processed to a variety of applications for business and government...Read more
ICT can empower our society and people to develop their literacy, creativity, problem solving ability, better communication, and healthy living standards by making public-private partnership...Read more
In the contemporary times, the concept of literacy goes beyond simply being able to read or write. Being literate also includes digitally literacy i.e. being able to locate, organise, understand, evaluate and analyse information using various digital technologies...Read more
ICTs enable societies to produce, access, adapt and apply information in greater amounts, more rapidly and at reduced costs and offer enormous opportunities for enhancing business and economic viability...Read more
The onset of the information age in India is associated with the digital revolution. Our nation has various types of ideology, methodology and implementation process of public oriented activity..Read more
The ability to work with ICT is becoming as essential to education, life and workplace. In order to keep pace with the developing world and also to excel in one's job, everyone needs a basic understanding of ICT and how to make productive use of it...Read more
Digital literacy is the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies. It requires one "to recognise and use that power to manipulate and transform media to distribute pervasively and to easily adapt them to new forms "...Read more
A digital, literate society is the way forward for the world at large. The dynamics of how we communicate and work have changed the people to being classified as digitally literate / digitally illiterate...Read more
A digitally literate society means a society in which every citizen has access to all information through internet. He should be able to submit applications, track them and receive back online. Each and every citizen should be able to operate, as well as access internet facilities "...Read more
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